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Water sports and recreation are gaining more and more attention of all, and the requirements for yachts are becoming higher: the size of the vessel, the design of the exterior and interior, technical specifications and the provision of modern equipment matter. The maintenance of the yacht, regardless of its class, requires significant investments from the owner: transportation costs and insurance, winter and summer parking, maintenance and repair, maintenance and cleaning costs. PDV Service offers the owners of yachts a comprehensive turnkey service for water vehicles so that owning and using the yacht brings only pleasure and does not burden with routine worries about its maintenance.

About us
PDV has earned the trust of hundreds of watercraft owners. Since 2019, our team professionally provides support to owners of water vessels, performing the whole range of activities related to the maintenance, maintenance and modernization of yachts.

Services PDV Service
Due to their high professional qualifications and wide experience in the field of yacht service, our experts are ready to provide a wide range of services to watercraft owners: from scheduled maintenance to complex repairs, from washing and dry cleaning to complete modernization (tuning) of the hull or salons of a yacht. We invite you to read the full list of services in our services section or call for a free consultation.

Why do we trust yacht service?
Our clients are the State customer, yacht clubs, as well as private owners of modest and “impressive” water vessels. We offer service to yachts and boats of any size all year round, while ensuring the most favorable working conditions for each client and the consistently high quality of work.

  • PDV Service team: our team consists of 40 experts specializing in certain types of work related to the maintenance of yachts and boats. Our specialists regularly undergo training and advanced training at manufacturers of yachts and boats, suppliers of spare parts and accessories.
  • Quality Assurance: All work is carried out strictly in accordance with the technical conditions and regulations. We give a guarantee for work up to 1 year.
  • Efficiency: our experts provide services both in the service center of the PDV Service, and on the water or with the departure to the parking lot of the water vehicle. We try to complete the work as soon as possible.
  • Individual approach: we always take into account all the wishes of the client as part of servicing yachts and boats, we offer the most convenient working conditions.
  • Free consultations: if you have questions about servicing your yacht or want to know more about the procedure, our experts are ready to give you the most informative recommendations. Call us or write.

Mission, values, principles of the PDV Service
Our mission is to do everything possible for you so that owning a yacht brings you pleasure and does not burden you with solving everyday problems.

Our values ​​are your time, comfort and a yacht.

The principles of our work:

performance of work carefully, but as soon as possible

at the highest level, but at a reasonable cost

taking into account individual wishes, but with strict observance of technical regulations.


If you have any questions, please contact us by phone or email.

You can find more about PDV Service in the Our Services section.

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