Optional equipment

Additional equipment for a yacht or boat - is it necessary to install it?

As in the case of the car, there is the so-called “standard” equipment, and there are “options” that, if desired, can be purchased from the manufacturer or installed later by qualified craftsmen.

Additional equipment is devices and mechanisms that help owners to achieve greater comfort from staying on the ship, to ensure the convenience of guests, to improve the “regular” characteristics of the yacht.

In addition to expanding the factory equipment, the installation of additional equipment helps equip the vessel with those devices that are actually practically necessary in the specific conditions of its operation: day / night, in specific climatic conditions, etc.

PDV Service experts recommend that owners of yachts and boats conduct regular maintenance of additional equipment to avoid failure at the most inopportune moment.

Additional equipment for yachts and boats

Additional equipment for yachts can be conditionally divided according to their purpose:

  • Communications: radio stations, telephones, Internet
  • Equipment for recreation and entertainment: audio systems, televisions, karaoke
  • Safety devices: navigators, radars , video cameras, night vision devices, chart plotters, autopilots
  • Equipment for air conditioning and heating
  • Technical equipment: mechanical and hydraulic ramps, thrusters, pitch stabilizers, lifts
  • Effective things - for the convenience of the owner in any individual tasks.

PDV Service offers owners of yachts and boats a selection of additional equipment from leading manufacturers. Our experts carry out the installation and further maintenance of the equipment.

To find out about the availability of equipment in the warehouse, the terms of the order, get a free consultation, call us at the numbers indicated in the Contacts section.

In order to become more familiar with certain types of additional equipment for yachts and boats, we suggest that you choose the appropriate section:

  • Satellite equipment for yachts;
  • Navigation equipment for boats;
  • Audio and video equipment for yachts and boats;
  • Bow thrusters for yachts;
  • Systems of night vision and video surveillance for yachts;
  • Air conditioning and heating;
  • Installation and repair of stabilizers and stabilizers pitching;
  • Installation of ship devices and practical things;
  • Appliances.

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