Air conditioning and heating

A yacht for many owners of yachts is a second home designed for recreation, entertainment, hanging out with family and friends. Therefore, ensuring a comfortable stay on the ship is an important, complex task: the interior, cosiness, practicality, convenience in carrying out household tasks, furniture are important here, but in addition, heating in the cold season or in adverse weather, as well as air conditioning in the heat. The same factors are of great importance in creating comfortable conditions for the crew of the vessel during a long journey. Good ventilation is an integral part of comfort: a healthy, fresh microclimate, the absence of extraneous odors on the yacht is of no small importance.

Климатические системы и кондиционеры Dometic

In the service center PDV Service you can select and order the necessary equipment, get full professional advice, call a wizard to inspect your vessel. Our experts will select the most suitable equipment for air conditioning, ventilation, heating, make estimates for you at the cost of equipment and work, as well as carry out installation and configuration of devices.

We provide a guarantee - 1 year, and also carry out scheduled maintenance of equipment. Regular maintenance is the key to the smooth operation of devices and the prevention of serious damage. Our experts travel to the ship parking lot anywhere in Malta and the world.

International service PDV Service offers equipment from leading manufacturers of equipment for yachts and boats, you can order from us:

  • Domestic climate systems and air conditioners - we are the official distributor of the manufacturer, we provide warranty service;

  • Autonomous heaters;

  • Deck hatches and portholes;

  • Moisture-proof electric fans;

  • Ventilation grills, mosquito nets, etc.

Производители оборудования для кондиционирования и отопления яхт и катеров

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