Бытовая техника

A long trip, like a short weekend trip, can not do without solving everyday problems. The yacht is the second home for the owners and crew of the vessel, which must be kept clean.

PDV Service helps to solve a number of tasks related to equipping ships with necessary household appliances:

  • Refrigerators and freezers;

  • Washers and dryers;

  • Dishwashers;

  • Cookers and hobs;

  • Microwaves;

  • Water heaters;

  • Kettles, coffee makers;

  • Vacuum cleaners and other cleaning equipment.

The masters of our service center provide comprehensive services related to household appliances for yachts and boats, here are some of them:

  • Selection of new household appliances, installation, configuration;

  • Repair of existing household appliances;

  • Diagnostics and scheduled maintenance of equipment;

  • Washing, cleaning of frequently used household appliances;

  • Minor repairs: replacing buttons / handles / doors, etc .;

  • Installation / embedding of household appliances;

  • Selection / order / installation of racks, stands, mounts for equipment;

  • Ordering and replacing spare parts.

As a rule, work is carried out directly on the ship at its berth at any point in Malta or abroad. However, if the household appliances for the yacht are to be repaired, and spare parts are also required, then repairs can be carried out in one of the PDV Service service centers.

Бытовая техника для яхт и катеров

*Waeco (Dometic), Indel B, Miele, Raritan

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