Night vision and video surveillance systems

In conditions of insufficient visibility, the presence of a night vision system is a necessary condition for a steering vessel to ensure the safety of control, as well as for the convenience of performing maneuvers. A thermal imaging camera or thermal imager is an indispensable companion of the helmsman on the way, his “eyes”. The dark time of the day, fog, smoke can interfere in the process of controlling the ship and safe movement.

Thermal imagers are equipped with an infrared camera that “catches” the thermal radiation of people, objects or equipment, which is converted into a picture that is clearly visible to the ship's captain on the device’s display.

Installing modern equipment on a yacht or boat allows you to:

  • Avoid a collision with another vessel, rocks, other obstacles;

  • Detect people overboard in the dark;

  • Carry out maneuvers in the absence of visibility;

  • Get information about the location of ships, buoys;

  • Observe at large distances;

  • Provide comprehensive control, regardless of the time of day or degree of coverage;

  • Carry out full sea patrol and surveillance;

  • Patrol, emergency services, search and rescue services - to ensure public order and security.

PDV Service offers the owners and captains of yachts and boats services:

  • selection, ordering, installation of night vision and video surveillance systems;

  • equipment repair and maintenance;

  • technical (scheduled) maintenance and repair;

  • diagnostics and setup of equipment.

You can get portable and stationary thermal imaging cameras or thermal imagers from us, multifunctional control systems from world famous manufacturers.

Raymarine, Flir Системы ночного видения и видеонаблюдения для яхт и катеров

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