PDV Center is a comprehensive care for your yacht not only in Malta but also worldwide. Scheduled inspections and repair work, maintenance and repair of components and assemblies of the vessel, modernization of the interior and ensuring comfort, production and maintenance of a presentable type of furniture - all these tasks are ready to take on a professional, well-coordinated team of our service center.

  • A team of 40 specialists who regularly undergo training and advanced training in accordance with their specialization.
  • Over 10 years of experience in the yacht market and in the field of servicing water vehicles.
  • 24 hours a day, our experts advise yacht owners, and technical experts provide repair and maintenance services.

If you are the owner of a yacht, boat, or plan to become the owner of a watercraft (as well as extreme equipment), our experts are ready to provide free information support on all your questions. Call us at the numbers indicated in the Contacts section, or write to us. We will contact you shortly!

You can find detailed information about West Nautical Services in the relevant sections of the site:

Repair and service

To maintain the operational characteristics of the yacht, to ensure the safety of the crew and the use of the vessel, scheduled maintenance is required, including warranty and post-warranty, as well as repair and service in case of malfunctions in the operation of the craft. You will find information on the types of services provided in this section.

Decks and Coatings

The masters of the PDV Service Center are ready to offer you restoration, deck modernization, and, if necessary, new flooring production and flooring.

Covers and tents

PDV Service offers the manufacture of covers and awnings for yachts for individual measurements: from design to installation of the finished product.

Interior work

A yacht is not just a vehicle, it is a place of rest, so the requirements of the owners for the interior of the yacht are becoming higher. Specialists of PDV Service are ready to create the most comfortable and stylish interior for you according to your individual taste. We offer both minor repairs and comprehensive modernization of the interior in accordance with new design solutions.

Yacht washing and dry cleaning

Professional cleaning of a yacht or boat is just as important as proper maintenance. Neat and thorough PDV Service specialists will take care of the cleanliness of the vessel, both outside and inside, presentable appearance and protect it from the negative effects of environmental factors.

Optional equipment

PDV Service company offers yacht and boat owners the order and installation of modern navigation, satellite and other necessary equipment from world famous manufacturers.

Production and repair of teak furniture

Masters of PDV Service will make new teak furniture for you or thoroughly restore old furniture. You can contact us both for the order of individual small parts, and for a comprehensive replacement of furniture.

Pre-sale and seasonal preparation

Proper winter storage will help to avoid factors that adversely affect the performance of a yacht or boat. Pre-sale preparation includes a range of services for preparing the vessel for presentation and transfer to the new owner, and seasonal preparation for comfortable carefree operation during the yacht period.

Fabrication and repair of metal structures

Specialists of the PDV Service Center are ready to repair steel products and parts directly on the ship or on the territory of the service center. Our masters are ready to make ladders, awning frames, rails and much more for your yacht according to individual measurements or repair.

Repair, painting and maintenance of motorhomes

There is an opinion that the motorhome is the same yacht, but on wheels: both the appearance and the interior of these two vehicles are similar. Both the yacht and the motorhome are designed for a complete, comfortable rest of the owners and their guests. Our service center is ready to offer a range of services for owners of motor homes. Read more in this section or contact our specialists at the numbers indicated in the Contacts section.

Sale of spare parts

PDV Service offers yacht owners spare parts and accessories from leading manufacturers. You can familiarize yourself with the list of suppliers in the corresponding section, you can select and order spare parts by contacting our experts by phone or e-mail.

Yacht management

Integrated management of all issues related to the possession of a water vehicle, gives owners a lot of trouble. PDV Service experts are ready to take full or partial (at the request of the client) yacht management, from planning of technical works and solutions.

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