Awnings and covers

Тенты и чехлы

Awnings for yachts are distinguished depending on their purpose. So, parking tents protect the yacht and crew from the negative effects of climatic factors, winter tents ensure the safety of the hull and protection of aggregates and mechanisms during winter parking, and transport covers protect during transportation to the parking lot or repair of the yacht. Awnings and covers for yachts are, perhaps, more important than for a car or other land vehicle due to the special operating conditions and special requirements for ensuring the safety of the craft.

An awning or a cover for a yacht is a kind of “clothing” that performs two main functions: protection and creating an individual. A well-made tent is designed to protect its “mistress” from ultraviolet rays, precipitation, exposure to fresh and salt water, wind, extreme weather conditions, corrosion, etc. In addition, it is known that they are met by clothes, and therefore a custom-made cover will undoubtedly emphasize the individual style of the yacht and its owner.

PDV offers owners the selection of models and custom-made awnings and covers for any purpose, we offer you more details on the types of awnings in the appropriate sections or call our specialists for a free consultation.

  • Production of covers and awnings

  • Parking Awnings

  • Awnings Aft

  • Running tents with glasses

  • Bimini top awnings

  • Shipping Covers

  • Winter Awnings

PDV experts recommend timely scheduled maintenance of tents and covers. It is necessary to be sure that after transportation or at the end of the seasonal storage of the vessel, the cover was not exposed to strong negative effects, does not have leaks, defects, in other words - it still provides proper protection for the vessel. Professionals of our service center are ready to provide free consultation to their regular customers.

It is recommended that owners of yachts and boats not only monitor the technical condition of covers and tents for the yacht, but also maintain their cleanliness. Awnings are constantly affected by climatic conditions and various environmental factors. Water, dirt, dust, snow, dry leaves, etc. - all these are the reasons for regular care of covers and tents. If you examined the cover and see that it needs to be cleaned, contact our specialists. We are ready to provide services for the professional washing and cleaning of awnings and covers for yachts and boats.

How to clean the awning for a yacht or boat yourself?

  • Dry dust, leaves, debris and other external dirt can be removed with a special brush that does not damage the fabric of the tent

  • Wet cleaning requires water and a special cleaning agent

  • After the cleanser begins to act, the awning must be thoroughly washed with water

  • We draw your attention to the fact that it is advisable to dry the awnings and covers after washing in the open air

Independent washing and cleaning of covers and tents can cause a lot of trouble - it all depends on the size of your yacht, the intensity of pollution, weather conditions, the availability of necessary equipment and cleaning and detergents. We recommend contacting PDV professionals for efficient, gentle care of your covers and tents.

Special cleaning products, tools for independent washing and cleaning can also be purchased in the PDV. Upon purchase, you will also receive the recommendations of our experts on the care of the awning or cover.

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