Awnings Aft

Тенты на корму

Bow awning is an awning intended for stern of a vessel. Its main practical task is to protect the captain from splashing water, which occurs when moving at speed, so the bow tent has a built-in "window" for viewing. The design function of the bow awning is that with its help for a yacht, boat or boat, you can create an individual, exclusive style by making an awning taking into account the individual wishes of the owner:

  • Using original color fabrics;

  • Drawing a print and logo.

At PDV, you can order tailoring a bow awning for your yacht. We use ready-made patterns of awnings, and we can also manufacture new patterns, taking into account the individual technical features of the vessel.

  • Own sewing workshop;

  • Highly qualified specialists;

  • Many years of experience;

  • The use of high-quality fabrics and accessories from leading European manufacturers.

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