Shipping covers

Транспортировочные чехлы

Shipping covers are designed for transporting a yacht or boat on the ground on trailers. Such a cover, depending on the type, covers only the upper part of the vessel or covers its entire hull, protecting the yacht from dust, dirt, and precipitation during transportation.

In accordance with the operating conditions of the transport cover, the following requirements are imposed on it:

  • Tight fit to the hull - to avoid windage during transportation;

  • Light weight to avoid extra load;

  • High wear resistance of the fabric, special water-repellent impregnations (cast PVC fabrics of various densities are recommended).

At PDV, you can order tailoring of a shipping cover for your yacht. We use ready-made patterns of awnings, and we can also manufacture new patterns, taking into account the individual technical features of the vessel.

  • Own sewing workshop;

  • Highly qualified specialists;

  • Many years of experience;

  • The use of high-quality fabrics and accessories from leading European manufacturers.

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