Decks and Coatings

Палубы и покрытия

Each yacht has its own individual characteristics: technical, operational, design. In particular, different yachts have different types of decks and coatings. All of them differ in service life, cost of manufacture and installation, and also have various operational characteristics.

The deck of a watercraft is constantly exposed to loads: the weight of metal structures and individual mechanisms, the weight of the cargo and crew, the pressure of the wind and the water falling on the deck. In addition, the deck coating is subject to mechanical stress, contamination, and may also be impaired due to inaccurate, rough cleaning of the surface using improper cleaning products. The deck covering becomes unusable over time, because of which it is necessary to carry out its restoration, partial (sectional) or complex replacement.

PDV has significant experience in professionally performing deck replacement work. Our craftsmen inspect the deck for leaks, defects and the need for restoration or replacement. Depending on the condition of the coating, we are ready to offer you the manufacture of deck coverings from teak or fine wood, as well as Flexiteek deck coverings. Choose the appropriate section for information on each of the coatings or contact our specialists for a free consultation.

  • Teak decking

  • Deck coatings Flexiteek

  • Repair of valuable wood coatings

  • Other deck coverings

PDV - we guarantee quality and a high level of professionalism in the repair and service work. Each order is unique for us, we take into account all the technical requirements for the operation of the vessel, as well as the individual wishes of the owners of yachts and boats for the design and appearance of the vessel.

Reasons for replacing the deck of a yacht or boat may include the following:

  • Unaesthetic, “shabby” type of coating;

  • Wrecked, collapsed deck elements;

  • Defects, holes, chips, due to which moisture can seep to metal parts and mechanisms;

  • Not a modern coating design;

  • Slippery deck;

  • Deformation of the coating due to poor flooring using inappropriate building materials (e.g. glue);

  • Unprofessional work on laying decking: measurement errors, violation of laying technology.

How to maintain the durability of the deck of the yacht?

  • Respect is one of the factors affecting the life of a deck covering. The mechanical effect, the weight of the load, even the effect of the heels of women's shoes - all this noticeably injures the once perfect cover.

  • Thorough but gentle washing using delicate tools and cleaning products;

  • Routine inspections and minor defects;

  • Application of special products for additional protection of wood;

  • Use of parking, running, transportation and winter covers to avoid burnout and fading, heavy rainfall, salt of sea water, dust, dirt and dust getting into the wind.

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