Deck coatings Flexiteek

Палубные покрытия Flexiteek

Coating Flexiteek (Flexitik) is an artificial material that imitates a teak coating, has a dark golden color, is velvety to the touch. Compared to natural teak, artificial is less expensive, with:

  • Does not slip;

  • Serves up to 5 years;

  • It is not whimsical to maintain and care;

  • Outwardly almost no different from natural teak;

  • Resistant to moisture and sunlight;

  • Does not heat up;

  • It is lightweight and does not create additional load;

  • Shockproof;

  •  More resistant to pollution: fuel, oil, wine;

  • Keeps "fresh" look for a long time, does not fade;

  • Flexitic coating available in 4 colors.

Masters of West Nautical Service professionally and efficiently manufacture and install artificial teak coatings. Each order consists of several stages:

  • Departure of the master for measurements and removal of patterns;

  • Design layout;

  • Coating production according to customer’s measurements and wishes;

  • Laying cover on your ship.

Flexiteek coating is one of the most popular in the world. Flexiteek artificial teak is a PVC material that comes in solid mats, that is, it is ready for installation. However, it is made according to individual patterns taken from your yacht, that is, it completely repeats the shape of the deck of your vessel. Unlike natural teak flooring, Flexiteek uses sealant when laying, bolts are not required during installation.

At PDV you can order Flexiteek decking tailored to the individual characteristics of your yacht. We have both ready-made patterns for various vessels, and we make individual design layouts.

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