Repair of valuable wood coatings

Ремонт покрытий из ценного дерева

Not only the technical condition of the vessel requires a careful and careful attitude, but also everything that relates to its interior and the arrangement of the yacht's interior. Valuable wood coatings, due to their cost, require special care. Here, the professionalism of the masters, experience, dexterity, the quality of equipment and materials for restoration are important. When repairing a coating of valuable wood, it is necessary not only to eliminate defects, but to carry out the work carefully, without damaging other areas and maintaining the general appearance.

The decking made of valuable wood is hygienic, durable, environmentally friendly, has soundproofing properties and low thermal conductivity, and is simply pleasant to use. However, even with proper care, there is no guarantee that the coating will not receive any damage or lose its presentability over time.

Masters of the PDV will bring freshness and beauty back to the valuable wood deck. We provide a wide range of services:

  • Elimination of minor damage and complex restoration;

  • Elimination of chips, cracks, scuffs, other visual defects;

  • Restoration of carvings, coatings (for example, varnish), ornaments and decorative elements;

  • Delicate dirt cleaning;

  • Polishing, grinding, etc.

When restoring valuable wood coatings, we use modern carpentry and restoration equipment, high-quality materials and tools from leading European manufacturers, as well as the invaluable experience of our craftsmen to ensure high quality work.

Call us and get full information about the restoration of the coating for a yacht or boat. The timing and cost of the work depends on their detail, surface / footage area, location (deck or cabin), the complexity of the coating (ornaments, carving, painting, etc.).

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