Teak decking

Палубные покрытия из тика

Our experts provide owners of yachts and boats with flooring and repair services for various types of coatings, which differ in their properties, cost and timing of work.

PDV has its own carpentry workshop equipped with modern woodworking equipment. Our craftsmen take into account all the details of an individual project for decking or cabins, pay great attention to the accuracy of measurements, show a creative approach in the implementation of design ideas and the performance of decorative carvings and ornaments.

The advantages of using teak in the manufacture of deck coatings:

  • The teak tree contains natural “fungicides” (tannin, silicon), which prevent rotting of the tree, the appearance of fungus and mold;

  • Teak is durable, durable, wear-resistant, depending on operating conditions it can last up to 20 years;

  • Teak wood products have a presentable appearance;

  • Teak wood have a high density, not afraid of moisture, snow, rain.

Thus, teak decks have several excellent features:

  • Durability;

  • Beautiful, presentable, aesthetically pleasing appearance;

  • Anti-slip properties;

  • Resistance to water, salt, UV rays;

  • Environmental friendliness.

The timing and cost of manufacturing deck coverings depend on:

  • Coating thickness;

  • Area of ​​coverage, meter;

  • Laying outside (deck) or inside (cabins);

  • The presence of decorative elements in the design, the complexity of the thread;

  • Flooring coatings with oil or varnish;

  • Coating thickness is calculated taking into account technical requirements, as well as the final weight on the deck.

The term of the complex of works on the teak deck device depends on various works. Firstly, the preparation of wood is a very time-consuming process. Secondly, after preparing the wood, it is required to dry it. Further, if necessary, the application of ornaments, drawings, threading. And - directly laying the flooring also does not endure haste. Deck coating should be durable and beautiful.

PDV offers teak deck manufacturing services, as well as guarantees coverage, provides maintenance and, if necessary, restoration.

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