Pre-sale and seasonal preparation

Предпродажная и сезонная подготовка

PDV Service provides a range of services for preparing your vessel for presentation, exhibition, sale, as well as for proper storage in the autumn-winter period.

Pre-sale preparation of yachts and boats

The main task of pre-sale preparation of a vessel is to make it as attractive as possible for the buyer. Well-groomed appearance and good technical condition makes it easier for the seller to sell the yacht or help to offer it at a more favorable cost to the owner.

The buyer receives the first impression of the vessel by its appearance. The presentable, neat, beautiful appearance of the yacht attracts the eye and speaks of the careful attitude of the previous owner to it. Thus, the preparation of the vessel for inspection is important and includes:

  • Professional, thorough washing and cleaning of the hull of the yacht and its bottom;

  • Work on painting, polishing, repairing the body: carried out as necessary depending on the presence of cracks, chips, visible defects;

  • Repair or modernization of individual external structural elements of the vessel;

  • Repair, replacement or dismantling of rails.

After examining the external condition of the yacht or boat, studying its attractiveness continues in the cabin. The interior is of great importance for a comfortable stay of the crew on the vessel, therefore it is necessary to approach ordering inside responsibly, without missing details. Work on preparing the interior for sale includes the following, but not only:

  • Restoring order in cabins and technical rooms, bathrooms;

  • Washing and dry cleaning of floor coverings, fabric sheathing, vinyl, leather;

  • Cleaning metal, glass and mirror surfaces;

  • Awning washing, replacing “soft glasses” or replacing them with new ones (depending on condition);

  • Cleaning, restoration, replacement of delicate wooden surfaces;

  • Restoration or repair of yacht furniture;

  • Cleaning, restoration, grinding of teak coatings;

  • Installation or dismantling of equipment, practical items, anchor devices.

The final step in inspecting a yacht before buying is to study its technical condition correspondence of the current state to factory specifications, the condition of parts and assemblies - all this and not only gives the buyer an idea of ​​the conditions and intensity of operation of the vessel previous owner, and is also key in making a purchasing decision.

As part of the pre-sale preparation of the vessel, the PDV Service carries out various types of work, including:

  • Diagnostics of the operation of units and mechanisms, power plants;

  • Maintenance of all systems;

  • Testing, diagnostics and repair of electricians, electrical equipment;

  • Any necessary repair and maintenance services.

For more detailed information about the dates, costs and services included in the pre-sale preparation, call us at the numbers indicated in the Contacts section.

Seasonal preparation of yachts and boats

Properly prepared yachts or boats for storage in the autumn-winter period helps to preserve its external condition and helps to prevent malfunctioning of systems after re-mothballing.

PDV carries out a range of works on preparing the vessel for storage:

  • Washing, cleaning the outer hull, saloon, interior items;

  • Preparing a winter cover (checking the condition of a previously used tent, washing and cleaning);

  • Custom winter cover production;

  • Processing of the internal parts of the vessel with special protective equipment in order to prevent damage, corrosion, etc .;

  • Drain of water from all water systems of the vessel: water tanks, pumps, fecal reservoirs, boilers) and filling with non-freezing liquid;

  • Motor conservation: draining water from the system and filling it with non-freezing liquid, removing fuel residues from the fuel system, processing of individual elements of the engine system.

PDV Service recommends that owners prepare for winter storage immediately after the end of the season. Maintenance of a yacht or boat for the autumn-winter period should be carried out before the onset of frost, lower temperatures. This will help to avoid the negative impact of climatic factors on the technical condition of the vessel and facilitate the work.

Winter parking of yachts and boats

PDV Service accepts any types of yachts and boats up to 50 feet long for winter parking!

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