Modernization, repair and painting hull

The presentable appearance of the vessel is of great importance for yacht owners. As a rule, the hulls of yachts and boats are made of plastic, a sufficiently durable and practical material. However, fiberglass is subjected to mechanical stress during operation, as a result of which ship hulls receive minor damage - barely noticeable scratches, or complex ones - for example, dents, holes. The safety of the hull depends on the operating conditions, type of use (walking or extreme sports), as well as the life of the yacht or boat. PDV is an international service center that provides services for the comprehensive repair, painting and modernization of hulls of fiberglass, metal or wood.

Модернизация, ремонт и покраска корпусов

The modernization of the hull of a yacht or boat is required mainly in such cases:

  • owner owns a used ship;

  • the yacht is in operation for a long time and requires tuning;

  • hull is damaged and needs repair;

  • yacht or boat being prepared for sale;

  • the owner needs to "re-equip" the hull.

Specialists of PDV offer various types of works on modernization of hulls of yachts and boats. As part of the retrofit of fiberglass, we manufacture additional items for ships:

  • building a rigid roof on flybridge;

  • production of boxes and other useful things;

  • in the presence of holes, large chips - repair by "building up" the missing elements of the hull.

Repair and painting of hulls of yachts and boats.

Our experts make small and complex repairs and painting of ship hulls of any class both at PDV service centers and at the ship’s parking lot in Russia and abroad:

  • restoration of the basis of the hull, geometry;

  • repair of various damages: from small scratches to large holes;

  • metal painted cases: local repair by painting small damaged areas “exactly in color”;

  • hull polishing using special European equipment;

  • antifouling coating;

  • gelcoat repair (Gelcoat for yachts).

Gelcoat is the so-called "native" coating of the yacht’s hull, which is used to protect from the negative effects of ultraviolet rays, and also gives the hull a stylish, beautiful shine. The coating is resistant to mechanical damage (scratches, chips), and is also available in various colors. A complete gelcoat replacement is an expensive procedure because it requires a lot of labor. In some cases, it is enough to remove the top layer of the old coating and apply a new layer, and the hull of your ship will shine, as before minor damage. Partial gelcoat restoration is also possible, however, professionals with wide experience of work should deal with it, since the selection of the color corresponding to the color of the previous coating is a responsible and time-consuming task.

The service center PDV offers the owners of yachts both the restoration of the previous gelcoat, and its complete replacement, if necessary.

The decision on the type of hull modernization / repair should be made only after a thorough inspection of the vessel, existing damages, choosing the best repair method and calculating various options. In some cases, it is enough to make light painting or painting with the removal of scratches, in others it is necessary to carry out complex repairs.

Painting of hulls of yachts and boats.

 It is worth noting that the process of painting the hulls is very complicated, therefore it requires thoroughness, relevant professional experience and qualifications of masters, the availability of modern equipment and high-quality materials. The main difficulty in carrying out the work is justified by the need to conduct it in the open air due to the size of the vessels, which, in the absence of skill and professionalism of specialists, can lead to an unsatisfactory result and a waste of money.

Painting the hull of a yacht or boat in the PDV:

  • highly qualified specialists;

  • small craft spray booth (up to 37 ft);

  • heated room for painting large vessels (up to 50 feet);

  • many years of professional experience to create special structures in the open air for work (painting and drying the body);

  • the availability of modern special equipment;

  • use of high quality materials: antifouling paints Seeline, Dupont, International, consumables (abrasive, covering) 3M.

Ceramic coating

International service West Nautical Service provides professional ceramic coating services on the hull of a yacht or boat. The ceramic coating of the ship's hull is perhaps one of the most expensive, therefore masters with at least 5-7 years of experience in this particular specialization are allowed to work.

Ceramic coating:

  • Protects from the negative effects of the environment: sand, water, etc.;

  • Gives a luxurious, sparkling appearance;

  • Provides reliable protection against aggressive environmental factors;

Masters of the PDV will conduct a thorough inspection of your vessel, as well as perform professional, accurate repair of the hull at the highest level, which will make it difficult to find the previous places where the hull defects were present. Your ship will get a presentable, holistic, well-groomed look. Read also: Restoration of wooden hulls of yachts.

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