Electrical repair

The yacht in its internal equipment and purposes of use is similar to a house: interior design, comfortable furniture, beautiful accessories, necessary equipment - all this provides the necessary comfort to the owner and guests during short trips and long trips.

Ремонт электрооборудования

The operability of electrical equipment is of great importance, since in the event of breakdowns of any individual devices, not only convenience in solving everyday problems, but also the process of controlling the vessel may be disturbed. Electrical equipment repair work must be carried out by qualified specialists in compliance with safety precautions. PDV recommends scheduled maintenance of the equipment; in practice, breakdowns often occur that cannot be foreseen in advance.

Masters of PDV offer repair and maintenance services for the following types of electrical equipment for yachts and boats:

  • All ship automation systems;

  • Satellite television;

  • Navigation equipment;

  • Smart Home System;

  • Air conditioning and heating;

  • Water supply, plumbing;

  • Generators, electric pumps;

  • Batteries;

  • Lighting;

  • CCTV;

  • Audio and video equipment.

Specialists of PDV will carry out inspection, equipment diagnostics, dismantling / installation, adjustment, select spare parts or new equipment to replace the failed one. When carrying out repair work on electrical equipment, our experts will draw up detailed estimates for the owners, indicating deadlines, cost of work, original or analog spare parts.

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