Railing repair

The name itself speaks of the functions that the design performs on river and sea vessels. The main function of the rails (fences) on ships is to ensure the safety of the crew and passengers. The goal of the PDV is to help yacht owners maintain the rails in good condition.

The main reasons for the need to repair rails:

  • water accident;

  • mechanical damage during operation: scratches, cracks;

  • unpresentable appearance.

PDV offers the following services:

  • removal of contaminants settled sea salt on roof rails;

  • if necessary - dismantling / installation of individual parts of the fence;

  • taking measurements and manufacturing new parts of rails to replace damaged ones;

  • production of new elements, for example, for entry;

  •  painting.

As a rule, repair work on rails is carried out on a ship, with the exception of the manufacture of new metal elements. PDV has production facilities with a total area of ​​500 square meters. They also include workshops for the manufacture of metal structures and welding. Our masters have many years of experience in the repair and manufacture of metal structures of any complexity and purpose, including the drawings and sketches of the customer-owner of a yacht or boat.

For detailed information on repair of rails on ships, please contact our specialists at the numbers indicated in the Contacts section.

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