Repair of ladders and cranes

PDV provides a wide range of services for the repair of gangways and cranes designed for watercraft:

  • repair of the hydraulic system of the ramps Besenzoni, Opacmare;

  • repair and maintenance of lifting devices Davit (Sam Olsson);

  • minor and complex repairs of all types of ladders and cranes;

  • selection of new gangways and cranes: appropriate purpose and capacity;

  • installation of new crane beams;

  • production of any metal stairs in the PDV service center;

  • installation of lifting devices for boats, jet skis;

  • manufacturing, installation of stainless steel power frames;

  • repair / replacement of ladder control panels.

The scheduled maintenance and repair of cranes includes the following services:

  • Hydraulic Diagnostics

  • Cable Replacements

  • Change oil filters

  • Oil leak elimination

  • Adjustment of the lifting force, which deviates from the settings over time

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