What is yacht management?

Yacht management, in other words, is the management of all processes related to the ownership and maintenance of a watercraft. For both a novice and an experienced yacht owner, self-management of management issues requires proper professional qualifications, sufficient free time and a lot of trouble. Entrusting yacht management to professionals means transferring yacht management in good hands and having guarantees that all issues will be resolved on time, meet the highest quality standards, and you just have to keep abreast and participate in management processes only as necessary at the stages of adoption decisions.

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What services are included in yacht management with the PDV Service?

The main services included in yacht management are comprehensive expert information support for the yacht owner, the formation and implementation of the yacht management program, which includes:

  • Financial management: planning and control of operating costs , service, technical needs;

  • Human Resource Management: personnel management, personnel matters solving by vessel command, search and selection of temporary team;

  • Organizational management: planning and control of insurance issues, legal issues, tax payments;

  • Technical management: monitoring the technical condition of the yacht, carrying out routine maintenance, planning measures for the modernization / repair of the vessel, organizing seasonal parking;

  • Organization of water events: corporate and family holidays;

  • Charter management: control of yacht rental, organization of vessel advertising and participation in specialized exhibitions, planning marketing events on the basis of a business plan approved with the owner;

  • Information support on any issues related to yacht management;

  • Advice on investments in yachts and current recommendations on the purchase / sale of ships.

Yacht management with PDV Service

  • Integrated management of any class of yachts;

  • Professional team and solid management experience;

  • Responsibility and ability to find a solution in any emergency situation;

  • Information and technical support of the owner and master of the vessel 24 hours a day;

  • Confidentiality and respect for the interests of the client;

  • Expert information and legal support;

  • Qualified technical support;

  • Reliability, warranties, quality;

Entrust the comprehensive management of your yacht to the PDV Service!

Our experts will be happy to provide you with a free consultation on issues of yacht management at the numbers indicated in the Contacts section.

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