Audio-video equipment

Romantic evenings, noisy parties or a long trip on a yacht can not do without entertainment or relaxation. Audio and video equipment create opportunities for a comfortable, fun, interesting pastime. The musical accompaniment adds color to the journey, and home cinema systems give the evenings a pleasant atmosphere of coziness.

PDV performs a range of activities related to equipment:

  • Plasma panels;

  • Multimedia systems;

  • Audio, CD, DVD systems;

  • Multiroom system;

  • Home theaters;

  • Karaoke;

  • Musical instruments (synthesizers, electric pianos, etc.);

  • Sound recording devices;

  • Speakers;

  • Control panels;

  • Furniture and fixtures for equipment;

  • Accessories: headphones, microphones, adapters, cables, antennas.

Our experts provide services:

  • Creating an individual "sound" project for your yacht;

  • Selection of equipment, order, delivery;

  • Repair, scheduled maintenance, tuning;

  • Assembly and disassembly;

  • Diagnostics, maintenance and cleaning;

  • Repair of racks and stands, repair / replacement of cables, brackets, etc.

High-quality sound gives aesthetic pleasure, and bad sound annoys and worsens the mood, therefore, when performing work related to creating an acoustic atmosphere and installing video devices, preparatory work is of particular importance.

The choice of the installation location is of paramount importance, therefore, after receiving the order, our foreman leaves for the parking lot of your vessel to inspect the cabin and deck. It matters whether the sound is needed outside or only inside the cabin, the configuration of the cabins and rooms, the amount of space, as well as other technical characteristics of the yacht.

If acoustic, video or multimedia systems have already been installed on the ship, then it is necessary to dismantle the equipment, and existing cables are diagnosed. Replacement of the existing system is carried out if it does not function in full, does not suit the owner or is outdated in terms of its technical characteristics.

To ensure excellent sound, from the point of view of standard requirements, as well as taking into account the wishes of the owner of the vessel, vibration isolation is necessary as part of the preparatory work. Noise and sound insulation of the yacht is desirable if it is necessary to "distinguish" the sound space: this will ensure the peace of passengers in neighboring cabins.

Replacing cables or pulling new ones is an integral part of the complex of works on installing audio and video equipment. Cable laying locations are carefully selected taking into account the technical features of the vessel, if necessary, they are closed with cable channels or hidden in other ways, their exact length is measured, depending on the installation locations of the devices.

At the end of important preparatory work, the masters of PDV Service proceed directly to the installation of audio and video equipment for the yacht. LCD monitors, karaoke systems, integrated multimedia systems, subwoofers, receivers - all items of equipment must be professionally installed in their places, taking into account an individual project.

Depending on the equipment chosen, as well as the wishes of the owner of the yacht for design, the masters of our service center select the necessary racks, stands and brackets-holders.

The final stage is commissioning, adjustment of installed equipment and acceptance of work.

All necessary equipment, furniture, fixtures, accessories, such as remotes, adapters, additional cables, can be purchased at PDV Service. We work with leading suppliers of audio and video equipment for yachts.

Warranty for work - 1 year.

Аудио-Видео оборудование для яхт и катеров

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