Production of covers and awnings

Изготовление чехлов и тентов

One of the key activities of PDV is the manufacture of covers and tents for yachts and boats. We use ready-made patterns of awnings, and we can also manufacture new patterns, taking into account the individual technical features of the vessel.

  • We have our own sewing workshop and modern equipment.

  • We have highly qualified designer-tailors of awnings and covers.

  • We have many years of successful experience in the manufacture of covers and awnings for yachts of any size, design, configuration and purpose.

  • We use high-quality fabrics and accessories from leading European manufacturers (France, England, USA), which can be purchased from us.

Why do yacht covers and awnings need to be sewn individually for each ship?

The search for a cover or tent that is ideal for a ship often turns out to be a waste of time, money and money for ship owners. This is due to the individual characteristics of each vessel, which must be taken into account together with the purpose of the cover, requirements for the material, fastenings, etc. Most often, the so-called “factory” awning requires adjustment based on the technical features of the yacht, and this process is time-consuming and does not always lead to to the desired result.

A cover for a water vessel is perhaps more important than for a car, this is due to the complexity of transportation, mechanical stress, the influence of climatic conditions, precipitation, dust, dirt, etc.

Qualitatively custom-made cover or awning for a yacht:

  • Provides hull protection and crew comfort;

  • It complements the overall design of the vessel;

  • Protects from negative, extreme environmental conditions;

  • Ensures the safety of expensive equipment, decks, furniture;

  • It has wear resistance, durability, strength.

Our tailor-designer is ready to provide yacht owners with a range of services for tailoring covers and tents for yachts and boats for any purpose: parking, transportation, bow, bimini, winter, running.

As a rule, the manufacturing process of an awning or cover consists of several stages:

  • Measurements: our cutters carefully and accurately take measurements for the manufacture of patterns;

  • Frame: the type of frame is selected, the material (steel, stainless steel), anti-corrosion coating;

  • Materials: customer, designer-tailor and designer agree on the type of fabric, color scheme, types of accessories;

  • Manufacturing: tailoring and multiple rigorous fitting to ensure maximum fit.

Fabrics for covers and awnings should be durable, not subject to fading, with water-repellent properties. PDV uses high-quality acrylic and polyester fabrics from leading manufacturers: Sunbrella, Seaguard, Cordura, Denkart. They are durable, do not shrink and do not stretch over time during use, thereby preserving the protective properties of the tent or cover. Acrylic fabrics are made from dyed acrylic fibers using fluorine, this explains the resistance of this type of fabric to water, dirt and even fat. At the same time, tents and covers made of acrylic fabrics are breathable and wear-resistant. A polyester awning fabric with PVC is a waterproof fabric coated with PVC. Polyester fabrics are also resistant to mold and mildew, as well as chemicals.

We use accessories of impeccable quality (zippers, fasteners, locks, buttons, etc.), because poor-quality accessories can damage the fabric of the case (for example, rust) or fail, which will require replacement.

Since the awning has an individual configuration, our craftsmen carefully approach the manufacture of the frame for the awning. Accurate measurements, design, bending, assembly and installation of arcs are carried out. The frame is the basis of the awning, therefore, the durability of the operation of the awning in extreme, intensive operating conditions of the watercraft depends on the quality of its manufacture.

Call our specialists and get a full consultation on the manufacture of covers and awnings for ships.

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