Bow thrusters

Owners of modern ships, as a rule, have high demands on the equipment of yachts and boats. One of the practically necessary conditions - the vessel must be motorized. This means that the safe and convenient execution of various maneuvers depends on the availability of thrusters on the ship. This is especially true when parking the vessel in moorings, which, as a rule, are quite “cramped” due to the insufficient number of equipped yacht clubs. In addition, almost any modern yacht can not maintain a given course for a long time, so thrusters help the helmsman facilitate the process of controlling the ship.

Подруливающие устройства Quick (Италия)

Some yacht owners prefer to install their thrusters on their own, but the PDV Service recommends contacting professionals to do the work, because the installation process is very time-consuming and complicated - you need to consider many significant factors.

 Masters of PDV Service offer owners of yachts and boats selection, ordering, installation, repair and maintenance of thrusters. We carry out work both in our service centers, and with departure to the ship's parking lot anywhere in Malta and the world.

Подруливающие устройства Lewmar (Англия), Quick (Италия)

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