Extreme equipment repair

The PDV service center accepts extreme equipment for service: we carry out small and complex repair of jet skis and ATVs at a professional level.

Hydrocycles and ATVs are considered “extreme” in connection with the conditions of their operation, as well as the features of the technical device. High-class masters of West Nautical Service provide a wide range of services to owners of sports equipment to ensure reliability, safety and reliability in the process of extreme operation.

Maintenance of ATVs and jet skis:

  • Minor and complex repairs at a service or on-site parking / vehicle breakdown in Malta or abroad;

  • Selection and order of new spare parts from leading manufacturers;

  • Warranty service of engines Man, Mercruiser: we are the official distributor, so you can buy original spare parts from us at prices “from the manufacturer”;

  • Diagnostics and repair of engines (two- and four-stroke); 

  • Gearbox Repair;

  • Scheduled maintenance; 

  • Replacement, repair, installation, adjustment of additional equipment;

  • Computer diagnostics of systems;

  • Change oil and filters;

  • Diagnostics and repair of the brake system;

  • Suspension Repair;

  • Integrated tuning.

You can learn more about the PDV international service center in this section.

Winter preservation of jet skis and ATVs

  • Washing, cleaning the outer casing, seats;

  • Preparing a winter cover (checking the condition of a previously used tent, washing and cleaning);

  • Custom winter cover making;

  • Processing of internal parts with special protective equipment in order to prevent spoilage, corrosion;

  • Draining water from the vessel’s water systems and filling with non-freezing fluid;

  • Motor preservation: draining water from the system and filling it with non-freezing liquid, removing fuel residues from the fuel system, processing of individual elements of the engine system;

  • Availability of own areas for winter storage of extreme equipment.

Repair and painting of cases of hydrocycles and ATVs

  • base restoration;

  • repair of various damages: from small scratches to large holes;

  • metal painted cases: local repair by painting small damaged areas “exactly in color”;

  • body polishing using special European equipment;

  • special coating;

  • repair of plastic cases and elements.

Ремонт и сервис экстремальной техники

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