Interior work

It is known that the main function of any vehicle is to move a person in space. However, if in relation to a car such an opinion can be considered controversial, then in relation to a yacht or boat it is not at all applicable.

A yacht is like a house for its owner, a place of rest, meeting with friends and relatives, therefore, many owners approach the arrangement of their pet very scrupulously and scrupulously, thinking through all the details of the interior.

ADV - an assistant to owners of yachts in matters of updating or comprehensive modernization of the interior. Our masters are ready to take on a range of works to create an individual design of your yacht: from measurements and a thorough study of the current condition of the cabin to the embodiment of fresh design ideas. We take into account all the technical characteristics of the vessel, operational characteristics, safety requirements, as well as the wishes of the owner to update the interior, as a result of which we create and implement original modern solutions.

Interior work with ADV:

  • Individual overall design concept;

  • Development of a design project: both for comprehensive modernization, and for individual works;

  • Exclusive Design Projects;

  • Original Design Ideas;

  • Implementation of turnkey projects: from design to installation;

  • Restoration and manufacturing of new furniture;

  • Ideas for replacing or restoring individual elements of a yacht;

  • Lighting Solutions;

  • Interior design and decoration for festive and entertainment events;

  • Selection and manufacture of accessories for styling the interior of the yacht;

  • Design and manufacture of stylish souvenirs.

Masters of PDV are ready to provide you with a free consultation on interior work on your ship. Contact us at the numbers indicated in the Contacts section, or write to us by mail. We will take into account all the details of your project, give recommendations, talk about the timing and cost of work.

We suggest that you select the appropriate section to familiarize yourself with the services you are interested in in more detail:

  • Furniture manufacturing and repair;

  • Replacing flooring;

  • Replacing wall and ceiling panels;

  • Design and renovation of salons;

  • Yacht washing and dry cleaning;

  • Integrated Yacht Management;

  • Service and repair of a yacht or boat.

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