Teak furniture

Мебель из тика

A yacht is not just a vehicle, but also a place of rest. Staying on a ship, especially during a long voyage, should be comfortable, cozy, convenient from a practical point of view.

A yacht - like a house on the water, has different "rooms" - rooms for various purposes, each of which needs to be equipped. Furniture is an integral part of any interior, designed to provide convenience, comfort, as well as provide aesthetic pleasure.

Furniture for yachts and boats should be made of a special material that can withstand various operating conditions: sudden changes in temperature, vibration of the yacht motor, pitching, high humidity, etc.

Some requirements for furniture for yachts and boats:

  • Furniture should be made of wood, resistant environmental influences;

  • In the manufacture and installation it is necessary to use frost-resistant and moisture-resistant adhesives and other materials;

  • The use of high-quality fittings is mandatory, in the case of the presence of metal elements - the use of stainless steel.

In accordance with the special operating conditions and requirements for furniture for watercraft, custom-made furniture is the most appropriate.

PDV Service offers the manufacture and repair of teak furniture for yachts and boats. The advantages of using teak in the manufacture of decks and furniture are explained by its excellent characteristics:

  • The teak tree contains natural “fungicides” (tannin, silicon), which prevent rotting of the tree, the appearance of fungus and mold;

  • Teak is durable, durable, wear-resistant, depending on operating conditions it can last up to 20 years;

  • Teak wood products have a presentable appearance;

  • Teak wood have a high density, is not afraid of moisture, snow, rain.

PDV Service has its own carpentry workshop, as well as a team of professional joiners, so we are ready to fulfill individual orders of any complexity and any volume efficiently and in the shortest possible time. We give guarantees for the furniture that you order from us:

  • Furniture for cabins and decks;

  • Tables, chairs, countertops - stationary and folding;

  • Benchmarks, small interior details, shower lattices, etc.

PDV Service offers yacht owners the production of teak furniture according to individual customer drawings or according to the design projects of our craftsmen. If desired, teak furniture can be decorated with various ornaments, decorative elements, carvings, etc.

In order to learn more about the manufacture of custom-made furniture for yachts, please contact our telephone specialists listed in the Contacts section.

 If you are interested in the manufacture of furniture for yachts and boats from other materials, check out the list of services on the page Manufacture and repair of furniture. PDV Service offers the owners of yachts also a comprehensive development of the design of the vessel for individual projects.

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