Design and renovation of salons

PDV provides comprehensive interior design services, from design to execution. If you need a completely new, modern interior design for your yacht or boat, our experts are ready to provide you with all the services within this responsible and creative task.

  • Individual overall design concept;

  • Development of a design project: both for comprehensive modernization, and for individual works;

  • Exclusive Design Projects;

  • Original ideas;

  • Implementation of turnkey projects: from design to installation;

  • Lighting Solutions;

  • Hauling the interior of a yacht or boat;

  • Interior design and decoration for festive and entertainment events;

  • Selection and manufacture of accessories for styling the interior of the yacht;

  • Design and manufacture of stylish souvenirs.

 Дизайн и обновление салонов для яхт и катеров

Interior update with a re-upholster.

The upholstery of the ship’s cabin eventually loses its former freshness and shine due to the constant negative effects of sunlight, water, salt. Replacing the upholstery, i.e. hauling, is an effective way to upgrade the interior of a yacht or boat. When using special fabrics, with water-repellent impregnation and a high degree of resistance to UV rays and sea salt, the interior of the vessel will be transformed and gain its former luster, and the upholstery will last a long time.

When hauling the cabin of a yacht or boat, various types of fabrics from leading manufacturers are used, including genuine leather, vinyl, velor, as well as any furniture fabrics using special impregnations: for example, moisture-resistant or non-combustible. Seats, captain's seats, steering wheels - all elements of the cabin can be updated as part of the "redesign" of the cabin.

Specialists of PDV help yacht owners in selecting accessories necessary for coziness, comfort, beauty and convenience, useful and interesting interior items. You can contact us for the selection of accessories in accordance with the existing design of your yacht or boat, and you can also purchase in our service all the necessary gizmos and update the interior of the cabin yourself.

Galley and dining area

  • Shockproof Dinnerware;

  • Cookware: pots, kettles, pans, etc.;

  • Cutlery Sets;

  • Unbreakable barware: glasses, wine glasses, wineglasses, glasses;

  • Wine racks;

  • Serving napkins, tablecloths, non-slip mats.

Our designers will help you choose all the necessary kitchen utensils in a single style, in accordance with the design of the yacht salons and the practical needs of the owners.

Textiles for yachts

  • Bath mats, towels;

  • Linens;

  • Mattresses, pillows;

  • Tablecloths, napkins.

Plumbing, bathrooms and showers for yachts and boats.

  • Mixers, chrome mixers, pull-out mixers;

  • Sinks;

  • Showers, trays and hatches for connecting a shower;

  • Boilers;

  • Water pumps;

  • All types of toilets, sewage tanks, pumps, pumps, etc.;

  • Holders for toothbrushes, toilet paper, towel rings, soap dishes, mirrors.

Masters of PDV provide professional services for the repair, replacement / installation and diagnostics of plumbing devices.

Interior items and decoration.

  • Entrance mats;

  • Ashtrays;

  • Clock, barometers, paintings;

  • Safes;

  • Lamps, lamps, shades, switches, sockets;

  • Curtains, roll-up curtains, blinds;

  • Decorative pillows and bedspreads;

  • Souvenirs and more.

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In order to familiarize yourself in more detail with certain types of work, you can go to the appropriate thematic section or call our specialists for advice.

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