Screw-steering complex repair

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The screw-steering complex is one of the key components of the vessel. If it malfunctions or does not function properly, this can affect the operation of the engine, as well as lead to the fact that the vessel will not be able to move. Scheduled maintenance of the yacht, during which the propeller-steering complex is also inspected, helps to avoid serious damage and damage to the ship. Mechanical wear of parts, corrosion, adhesion of algae, debris, fouling of the bottom by river or marine microorganisms, mechanical damage to the bottom of the ship - all these are the reasons for which it is necessary to carry out scheduled inspections and cleaning, and, if necessary, repair work of parts of the helm-steering complex of the yacht.

PDV offers comprehensive troubleshooting of the propeller-steering complex:

  • Repair of bearings and screws;

  • Editing and replacing propeller shafts;

  • Screw extension of missing parts;

  • Geometry restoration;

  • Vibration elimination;

  • Balancing;

  • Gross Line Installation;

  • Shaft Bracket Repair;

  • Repair and restoration of steering feathers geometry;

  • Replacing balloon bushings;

  • Replacement and repair of hydraulic steering cylinders;

  • Hydraulic control repair, oil leak elimination;

  • Replacement and repair of steering machines;

  • Repair of mechanical steering systems;

  • Replacing steering cables;

  • Production of propellers for large vessels;

  • For small and medium ships - ordering propellers from leading manufacturers of Volvo, Mecruiser.

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