Parking Awnings

Стояночные тенты

Awnings for yachts and boats close the open top of the vessel while it is parked. The main functions of parking tents:

  • Protection of the control room from the negative effects of environmental factors;

  • Ship captain protection;

  • Protection of the dashboard and expensive equipment from exposure to the sun, moisture, debris;

  • Protection of deck cover, furniture, interior items.

The parking cover must not sag from the accumulation of water or snow on it, and must not allow moisture to pass through. Durability of the material, ease of installation and protection against water - these are the main key requirements that must be considered when buying or manufacturing a parking tent.

At PDV, you can order a tailoring for your yacht. We use ready-made patterns of awnings, and we can also manufacture new patterns, taking into account the individual technical features of the vessel.

  • Own sewing workshop;

  • Highly qualified specialists;

  • Many years of experience;

  • The use of high-quality fabrics and accessories from leading European manufacturers.

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