Other deck coverings

Другие виды палубных покрытий

PDV offers owners of yachts and boats decking of various deck coatings. The choice of the type of flooring is carried out taking into account the technical characteristics of the vessel, the operating conditions of the coating and the individual wishes of the customer. We produce deck coverings and cabin floors using modern equipment and quality materials.

Polyurethane coating

The flooring of the polyurethane coating is carried out on top of the metal surface of the deck or deck of wood to protect the metal from corrosion, and wood from decay.

Advantages of polyurethane coating:

  • Low cost of materials and work (compared with other types of coatings);

  • Durability;

  • Short lead times;

The rubber coating is made of crumb rubber, while it is possible to perform various decorative elements, for example, making a picture or logo on the coating.

Advantages of rubber coating:

Moisture-proof and waterproof;

Superior anti-slip properties;

Noise and sound insulation properties;

Safety (in the event of a fall).

The rubber coating is considered specially designed for small watercraft. Unlike polyurethane and rubber coatings, the main advantage of this coating is its environmental friendliness, in addition, it also has anti-slip properties, elasticity.

In the manufacture of yacht decking PDV uses high quality raw materials from leading manufacturers, modern equipment and technologies. Our experts have extensive experience in the manufacture and repair of deck coatings, and take into account all the necessary technical requirements and individual wishes of the owner of the yacht.

The timing and cost of manufacturing deck coverings depend on:

  • Type of coating;

  • Coverage area;

  • The presence of decorative elements in the design.

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