Satellite equipment

Спутниковое оборудование

СSatellite equipment on a yacht or boat is not a luxury, but a practical necessity. To be always in touch, being far from the coast anywhere in the world - this is comfort, convenience and safety. Television, uninterrupted Internet connection and reliable telephone communications are essential for a comfortable trip.

PDV Service provides services:

  • Selection and ordering of satellite equipment, depending on the practical requirements of the owner of the vessel;

  • Installation and adjustment of equipment on the ship;

  • Dismantling previously installed equipment, repair;

  • Diagnostics and maintenance of devices.

You can get from us:

  • Satellite antennas of various power for all types of ships;

  • Brackets;

  • Radio stations, phones and accessories;

  • Receivers, modems, routers, routers;

  • Servers

High-quality equipment, professionally installed on board the vessel, allows you to expand communication capabilities and provide full, reliable communication between the ship's crew on board and with the shore, regardless of the location of the yacht and climatic or weather conditions:

  • High-quality communication during emergency situations with the ground;

  • Reliable voice communication between passengers and crew;

  • Protection of corporate communications of the ship owner;

  • Uninterrupted communication with dispatchers and special services;

  • The ability to conduct business tasks: correspondence, telephone communications, video communications;

  • Entertaining and informational functions: watching TV and listening to music (FM).

Спутниковое оборудование Intellian, KVH, Raymarine, Sea Tel, Viztel, Glomex, Shakespeare, Cobham, Scout

*Intellian, KVH, Raymarine, Sea Tel, Viztel, Glomex, Shakespeare, Cobham, Scout

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