Yacht washing and dry cleaning

Мойка и химчистка яхт

Thrifty owners of water vehicles understand that to monitor the cleanliness of the yacht, both the hull outside and the cabin inside, is no less important than conducting maintenance. A yacht is a pearl that needs proper care. Professionals of the PDV service center will take care of restoring its former charm, giving it a gloss, and making your stay and stay on the yacht as comfortable and emotional as possible.

A yacht is an investment, an acquisition that will not lose value over time. Timely proper care, in particular, expert washing and dry cleaning, will help maintain a presentable appearance and extend the life of the product.

PDV Service - expert cleaning and cleaning of yachts, boats.

  • Careful maintenance: we use professional detergents and cleaning products of high quality;

  • Carefulness: we carry out work using modern equipment as well as manually for gentle cleaning of fragile interior items and surfaces;

  • Accuracy and delicate attitude: we take into account all the details and select the method and means of cleaning individually;

  • Qualified personnel: we have extensive experience in the dry cleaning of water vehicles and approach;

  • Guarantee for the work: we comply with the technical conditions and requirements for the work on water vessels.

Washing and dry-cleaning of yachts with PDV Service: types of work 

  • Cleaning the sides from contamination and the effects of the negative effects of water;

  • Cleaning and cleaning decks from all types of pollution;

  • Washing of doors, doorways, windows;

  • Processing of glass and mirror surfaces;

  • Dry cleaning of furniture, carpets, delicate surfaces;

  • Cleaning of sanitary facilities, galley;

  • Cleaning cabins;

  • Cleaning sails, awnings, washing covers;

  • Surface treatment with special protective coatings;

  • Polishing and other works that help to “refresh” the look of the yacht.

Yacht washing and dry cleaning: cost of work

Each yacht has its own personality. When calculating the cost of washing and dry cleaning the yacht takes into account its dimensions, types of work required, pollution intensity, features of individual interior items and other important details.

The specialists of the PDV service center are ready to calculate for you the cost of washing and dry cleaning the yacht, as well as answer all your questions. Please call us or write, we will contact you as soon as possible.

PDV Service. We will take care of the routine. Save your time and enjoy your vacation!

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