Replacing wall and ceiling panels

Wall and ceiling panels are decorative elements that can be used to create a completely new interior design for a yacht or boat. Wall and ceiling panels can be dragged by fabrics of various types, including genuine leather in the colors of a single concept of interior design. In case you are just starting to create a new design, our specialists are ready to offer you comprehensive services: from creating a project to implementing a new interior style, in particular: All types of interior work; Custom-made furniture; Making teak furniture; Updating, hauling the interior and selection of accessories; Sound design - installation of audio, video and multimedia systems; Replacing flooring; Deck Update. Wall and ceiling panels are very popular not only because of the ease of installation, but also due to a set of special advantages:

  • possibility of mounting on uneven walls and ceilings of a ship;

  • no need for complex work on the preparation of walls and ceilings;

  • multifunctionality: panels can be used for decorating walls, ceilings, interior items, furniture, etc.;

  • room for imagination: wall and ceiling panels can be covered with any kind of fabric in various colors and using accessories specially selected for interior design.

PDV has its own sewing workshop, equipped with modern equipment, has many years of experience in the comprehensive service of yachts and boats of various classes. We use high quality materials - fabrics and accessories - from leading manufacturers. Our experts offer owners of yachts the individual manufacture of wall and ceiling panels in strict accordance with the design and technical condition of the interior of the yacht. In addition, our experts are ready to select for you ready-made wall and ceiling panels from European manufacturers, as well as install special lighting, give recommendations on special care for the panels.

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